Machine Monitoring | Digital Twinning

Engies IoTSense offers you machine monitoring and digital twinning systems for various serial production processes. Our machine monitoring systems help to provide insight into the effectiveness of your production process and help you to gain insight into and improve the performance of your production process.

By means of OEE and TEEP indicators you will quickly gain insight into the performance of your machines and current orders. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance) is the defacto standard for measuring the productivity of your production process.

Engies IoTSense offers you following functionality:

  • Cycle time registration
  • Machine status registration
  • Standstill notification
  • Availability measurement per machine or order (both TEEP and OEE)
  • Performance measurement per machine or order (OEE)
  • Quality measurement per machine or order (OEE)
  • TEEP and OEE reporting
  • Device for multiple production locations / work cells possible
  • Equipment for unlimited number of machines
  • Preparing follow-up orders possible
  • Intermediate exchange of orders possible
  • Desktop and mobile view
  • Export functionality of orders and TEEP / OEE information for detailed analysis
  • Dashboard functionality for the factory
  • Operator functionality for the factory
  • Machine analysis and order analysis
  • Looking back orders possible
  • Order registration and link with ERP package through CSV standard available
  • Standard support via our FAQ section

mobile teep pc teep tablet teep

On our IoTSense productsite you will find all information about our machine monitoring system. Click here to request a free demo.

If you are interested in what we can do for you, please contact us for more information or a demonstration at your location.

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