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Perhaps you still have questions after browsing our website. Here you may find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions with respect to our machine logging systems.


We very much value to supply a complete package, consisting of the software and the pre-programmed IIoT hardware. We try to make as much use of the existing IT infrastructure and server capacity as possible.

Our machine logging systems record cycle times, downtimes, malfunctions, planned and unscheduled stops. As part of the OEE and TEEP metrics, the availability, performance and quality of the production per machine and order are continuously calculated and in real-time monitored.

Our machine logging systems consist of hardware (an IIoT device) placed on premise at your production location and a software, installed on your or our server. Using a standard web browser you can easily get insight into the performance of your machines from any place you choose.


That depends a bit on your specific situation. Our systems are tailor-made solutions, which means that the investment can vary a bit depending on what we can use from your existing IT infrastructure. We can supply the machine logging system as an on-premise solution whereby you get a license on the software and the hardware in your property. We can also supply your machine logging system as a service, i.e. as a cloud solution.

To give you an idea on ​​the investment to be made, we give you two examples:

Example 1. On-premise solution

With a large number of machines to be connected, an on-premise solution will probably be the most suitable solution for you. You acquire the license for the software which will run on your own server. This means you have no restrictions on the amount of machines to be connected. Multiple production locations are possible without additional licenses or subscription costs.

  • An on-premise OEE / TEEP machine logging system for 16 machines:
    € 15,900.00
  • Extension with on-premise OEE / TEEP machine logging for an additional 8 machines in the same production location:
    € 2,250.00
  • Expansion with on-premise OEE / TEEP machine logging for an additional production location with 8 additional machines:
    € 4,950.00

Example 2. Cloud solution

When you have a limited amount of machines to connect, and / or want to start small, this may be a good option. For a small monthly fee, the software runs from our server. We take care of the maintenance of the software. The IIoT hardware at your location is included in the monthly fee. An indication of the rates for a 3-year contract are as follows:

  • A cloud OEE / TEEP machine logging system for 8 machines:
    € 275.00 per month
  • Extension with cloud OEE / TEEP machine logging for every next 8 machines / production location:
    € 225.00 per month


As you can make your production process more effective right from the first data collected, we think that our machine logging systems will pay for themselves within just a few months of operation. As a cloud solution, the machine logging system saves you money right from the first month onwards as you do not have to invest in the system. If you would like to find out what solution is best for your production process and company size, then contact us via our contact form or via e-mail. We will be happy to explore together with you what solution best suits your needs.


Often much of the IT infrastructure necessary for the datalogging system is already present at your facility. It is our challenge to use as much as possible of your existing infrastructure. Often times, it may even possible to integrate our system without modifications to your infrastructure. As a minimum, our machine logging systems require at the following infrastructure:

  • An ethernet connection at a central location in your manufacturingplant where the machinelogging IIoT hardware is placed,
  • A free 110V/230V power outlet at this central location to power the IIoT,
  • A potential-free relay (suitable to switch 24V) per logging machine, connected to the machine and switching to the production cycle,
  • A (minimum 2-wire 24V suitable) wire per machine, connected to the relay, and ending at the central location.
  • If you do not have any switch wires yet, we recommend that you install an 8-wire industrial UTP cable, ending with an RJ-45 connector as switch wires. This will allow for easy future expansion of the signals and sensored monitored.


Yes, of course! Actually, you can log everything as long as a sensor available. Temperature, pressure, sound, positions of tools, etc. you can all log and analyze this with our machine logging system. Curious what we can do for you? Contact us via the contact form or via e-mail. We are more than happy to discuss all possibilities with you.

If the answer to your question above is not included, please contact us via the contact form or via e-mail. We would be please to answer any question you may have.

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