Software Development

Developed with a passion for IT and organizations

Driven by our passion, we develop, build and implement software, IoT and embedded solutions.

Our method

We listen carefully to you, map out your wishes and - from our experience in the field as manager, board member, supply chain specialist, buyer, organization consultant, and change manager - translate your wishes in a clear solution. We take the already available infrastructure into consideration and offer you a solution that will meet your demands, while at the same timeminimize the modification and/or additions to your existing infrastructure.

We understand that you are careful with the roll-out of new systems within your critical business processes. For this reason, we often work in several phases. We almost always start with the creation of a proof-of-concept. With limited functionality built-in, you can quickly check whether our offered solution meets your expectations.

When more significant interventions in your critical business processes are excepted, we often opt for a pilot project. With a limited impact on your business processes in the operational company, it can be tested if everything works properly before implementing the conversion over your entire operational company.

After a successful pilot phase, where you have been able to ensure that you actually get what you need, we will build the definitive solution for you. For this, we use benchmark software and Industry 4.0 technology. This is how we ensure that future expansion or adaptation remains easily achievable.

As a last step, we ensure a careful and safe implementation of the software, IoT solution or embedded solution together with your (or our) system administrator.

Our standards

For IoT solutions we use the proven technology of Node Red, RabbitMQ, and Postgresql. For embedded solutions we use C / C ++ and for other specific solutions we may use Python / Django. For our dashboards and frontends we rely on the defacto standards Javascript / JQuery, HTML5 and CSS. This guarantees modern-looking, flexible and interactive dashboards and frontends.

Of course we also have extensive knowledge and experience with APIs, MQTT, XML and JSON protocols for interfacing and data transfer with your other processes and systems.

For more information about what we can do for you, please contact us via our contact form or via email.

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